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Gwen, the Astrologer

Hi! I'm Gwen, @TheAsianAstrologer.

I believe we were all brought to this Earth for a reason – to be the best version of ourselves we can be 🌸🌱

If you've ever wondered, "Why am I here? What is my purpose?", I truly believe all the answers lie in your natal chart. Let's find them together.


Astrology is your purpose,
codified in the stars 💫

When we were born, all the planets were aligned above our heads in a specific way.


Astrologers call this . . . your Natal Chart. And we believe it holds the key to our deepest self-understanding and fulfillment as human beings.

Our habits, our thoughts, our personalities and purpose –– all of it can be revealed through our natal chart. Astrology is simply a process of remembering who we truly are.


And when we learn to work with the gifts and burdens we have been given, we become TRULY unstoppable.

Your natal chart is a blueprint of you. Let's unlock it together.

Discover “who you are” on a fundamental level – your quirks, personality, gifts and challenges – as written in the stars 🧚‍♀️

Gain a deeper understanding of your life lessons, wounds and growth edges – why certain things can feel hard at times, and what we can do about it 🪐

Explore your 'north star' & soul purpose – the promises you made for this lifetime, and how to start living in alignment with them🌟

A natal chart reading is not "fortune telling" or predictions for your career, money, or "the future". Read more here

Book a reading with me

I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (GMT+8) and have done readings for people all over the world. I recently achieved my goal of 100 professional readings in March! I'm so excited to get to know you and introduce you to the magic of your chart. 💫

Note: Please note that all sessions at this time are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you are more than 10 minutes late, our session will be void  🙏  Here are the full T&C. Thank you for understanding!

Here's how it works...


Make sure you have your exact time, date and location of birth before booking your session. (📌 Check your birth certificate!)


Choose a time slot that works best for you and book it via Calendly. Clear your schedule, and get ready to dive in!


On the day of our reading, we'll log onto Zoom. 👩🏻‍💻 We'll turn our videos off after saying hi. Think of it as a conversation with a knowledgeable cosmic friend.  We'll explore your natal chart in a fun, nuanced and practical way, giving you space to respond and reflect. 💞


After our reading ends, I'll send you the recording of our conversation in a Notion page. You will also receive 'homework' and next steps on how to integrate this experience into your life!


Congratulations –– you've completed your first Natal Chart reading with me! 😍

Why get a Natal Chart Reading?

✶  For Self discovery. Your natal chart is a user manual to your self – all your quirks, proclivities, and purpose are written in the stars. Nothing has helped me love, accept and fully embrace all the different, conflicting parts of me better than Astrology.

✶  For Spiritual growth. A natal chart reading is soul remembrance. As the conversation unfolds, you are reminded of the important parts of your self you might have forgotten, neglected, or pushed aside. Embracing those parts, however uncomfortable, helps us lean into the growth and evolution we were meant to experience in this lifetime.

✶  For Navigating change. If your life has been shaken up lately, a natal chart reading functions as a 'cosmic weather check-in'. ⛅️ We'll look at what's been going on astrologically, how it's activating your personal chart, and how we can move forward, together.

Client Testimonials

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 11.04.11 AM.png

Gwen is the most intuitive astrologer I’ve ever known. She is a rarity. 🫶

My reading with her was one of the most eye opening experiences. I feel as though she was plucked from the cosmos and sent to Earth to help us find ourselves through the stars. Hearing her lay out specific parts of the past 8 years brought me to tears. Thank you for helping me see that I was always on the right path. Like a fairy godmother, Gwen helped bring closure to my Saturn Return. 🌌🪐

Kristen Castro, Nashville TN

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Natal Chart reading?
    A Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. Each symbol, shape and line on a Natal Chart mean something … and when you put the puzzle pieces together, they form the beautiful whole picture that is YOU. A Natal Chart reading is simply you asking an Astrologer: "hey, can you tell me what the planets were up to when I was born?" Astrologers are uniquely trained to "translate" these symbols and shapes for your understanding. Think of it as a fun, interesting conversation with a knowledgeable Astro friend. Learn more about my approach to readings in this video here 😃
  • Who is a Natal Chart reading for?
    Anyone who is curious about understanding themselves, the stars, or both! In my experience, the people who take away the most from readings with me are those who have been doing the 'work' on their own healing / spiritual journeys for a while. A natal chart reading just confirms their path and takes them to the next level. But of course, this offering is open to all who feel the call! If you've ever wondered... "Why am I the way I am? What is my purpose? What is the greater meaning of my life?", then a Natal Chart reading is for you :)
  • Do I need to be fluent in Astrology to get a reading?
    Not at all! I was trained in the DSA method, which focuses on making Astrology as practical, simple and easy to understand as possible. Our reading will be like a casual conversation between friends, but with all the astrological insights translated to "basic English" for you.
  • What can I expect in a Natal Chart reading with you?
    Laughter, 'a ha's, insights, and maybe even some tears too! We will explore your life lesson, your personality and character (Big 3), your elemental distribution, your gifts and challenges, and anything else that stands out to me in your natal chart. You will walk away with a deeper, soul-level understanding of who you are . . . with some "homework" to help you integrate these lessons into your everyday life 😍 Come ready to reflect and receive! P.S. Please note that we observe a "one chart per reading" policy. The first reading with me will always focus on you and your essence. 🤍
  • Will you be able to tell me the future / when I'll meet my soulmate / how I can make more money, etc etc?
    Unfortunately, no. There may be other branches of Astrology that practice these techniques, but I wasn't trained in this and therefore do not offer it in my readings! In my humble opinion, a Natal Chart reading is not meant to tell you your fate nor predict the future. As astrologers, it is our responsibility to share with you the fundamental make-up of your chart (the blueprint) –– but what you choose to do with it (the design & execution) is entirely up to you! 🥹
  • What style of Astrology do you practice?
    I was trained by Ocean Pleasant and Debra Silverman in Debra's professional Applied Astrology School. We follow the modern Tropical Zodiac using the Placidus house system. Debra is a celebrity Esoteric Astrologer that weaves both spirituality & psychology into her teachings. Her method of seeing Astrology as a tool for personal growth and soul evolution spoke deeply to me, and I found myself on a fast-track to graduating from her school in June 2023! 🥳
  • How do I know if you're the right Astrologer for me?
    There are so many different types of Astrologers out there, with varying approaches, styles, price points, etc. Even if you've had a reading with another astrologer before, you would still get a whole new perspective on your natal chart with me, because Astrology is an interpretive art. 🥹 I'd say: go with your gut! This might sound counter-intuitive, but I actually encourage people to follow me on Instagram first before getting a reading with me. I make it a point to share lots of content there, to demystify this practice and put a face to the name. I can imagine it's pretty scary to trust a total stranger with such personal details about yourself, and I want you to feel 100% safe and sure before booking with me 💖 So take your time and feel into it! There's no rush :)
  • I'm not sure about my time of birth. What now?
    Astrology is all about timing, so I'd recommend looking it up in your official birth certificate before booking a session with me! If you're not able to find the exact time (e.g. it's actually "3.08PM", but your mom just remembers "3PM"), but still want to proceed with a session –– just bear in mind that what I prepare might not be 100% accurate. On my end, I will keep this in mind and check in with you regularly during our reading to make sure it's resonating!
  • Can I book a session for my child / partner / business / etc?
    (And yes, for those who are new to astrology, everything and everyone has a natal chart 🥰)! My first natal chart reading will always be with YOU first: focusing on you and your essence as an individual. After that session, then we can discuss options of readings with/for others. Synastry charts (the relationship between you and another being, i.e. your child, partner, biz) is not a skill that's within my wheelhouse just yet, but stay tuned – I might offer it in the future! 😃
  • What kind of payment platforms do you accept?
    All of my bookings are done via Stripe on Calendly. I charge in USD, as I have a global clientele and was professionally trained by an American school. The good news: Stripe accepts most major credit and debit cards, so it should be a fairly straightforward process! 🥰 If you encounter any payment issues, please DM me on IG @TheAsianAstrologer or email me gwen[at]
  • Do you have a local rate for Malaysians? 🇲🇾
    Yes! I have a separate local rate for Malaysians (where I'm born & based 🇲🇾) that's lower than my standard USD rate, paid in MYR via direct bank transfer. If you are Malaysian, or are based in Malaysia, message me on Instagram for next steps!
  • Can I gift a reading with you to a friend / partner / someone else?
    Awww, you're the sweetest! Absolutely –– natal chart readings are an amazing gift for birthdays, special occasions, or to simply show you care 😍 However, do make sure you speak with them in advance to make sure this is something they're open to! If they're on board, you can go ahead to book a session for them using THEIR birth details, name and email, but paid using your card :D I can't wait to shower them with love on your behalf!!!
  • Can I dial in using my phone?
    Yes, as long as you are in a quiet space with stable Internet. I recommend using earphones / headphones with a mic so that we don’t encounter any issues with the recording later on!
  • Can I change the date/time of my session?
    Ideally, no. Because of the amount of time and energetics that goes into each reading (3–5 hours of prep, not including the call itself), all sessions are non-transferrable and non-refundable once agreed on by both parties. However, in the event of an emergency, you can refer to the T&C for more information. Thank you for your understanding! 🧚‍♀️
  • How can I best prepare for our reading?
    Spend some time grounding yourself before our session. It could be taking a walk, doing some yoga, lighting a candle, meditating — as long as you feel calm and centered! 🕯️ Journal for 5–10 minutes about what you would like to receive from this session. Acceptance? Growth? Understanding? Natal chart readings are an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your personal growth and self-understanding. What do you hope to take away? 💘 Most importantly . . . have fun! It’s just going to feel just like a casual chat between friends. I can’t wait to meet you 😄
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    All sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable once payment is made. You may reschedule your session with a minimum of (5) days advance notice. If you are more than 10 minutes late, our session will be considered void. 🙏 For the most updated cancellation and refund policy, please refer to this document. Love ya! 💓

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