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Founder. Writer. Facilitator.

Artist. Creatrix. Astrologer.

Thanks for inviting me into your inbox. It's a privilege I don't take for granted.

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Hi, I'm Gwen! Lover of life and taker of risks 🤗 This website is where I share all the insights and experiences I've picked up along the way. Thanks for being here!

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I'm pursuing my dreams of becoming a certified astrologer! Learn more about my journey, or book a chart reading with me 🪐 My goal is to do 100 readings!


I was the founder of Tribeless, an empathy training company. 

I ran it for six years with my partner in work & life, Shawn. I've stepped into a non-executive role, but the company — and our relationship — is very much alive and kicking!

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my latest writings on life, creativity, astrology & more

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