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Past Client Love Notes

Gwen is soooo great! The way she delivers information feels like what you have been saying to yourself in your head for months, just clearer!! 😍 She intuitively hits all the right spots with ease and clarity making you feel validated and giving you insights on new directions to take at the same time! Time flew by, and I enjoyed every insight I got from this beautiful breakdown of my chart. Definitely looking forward to further deepen the conversation in the future <3

Zoe L., Kenya

This session with Gwen provided the exact wisdom and insight that I didn't even know I needed. My mind was blown that by looking at my chart, she could pinpoint exact years of my life and identify themes and values that had became clear during those times. By helping me see these patterns, I feel more validated in my values, decisions, and current direction. Gwen correctly called out ruts I often default to, and offered applicable, compassionate, and non-overwhelming suggestions of how I can support myself in shifting themes that no longer serve me. She helped me reframe characteristics of my personality that I've subconsciously seen as negative, and now I can see their positive impact in my life, relationships, and community. 🌟 The entire session felt relaxed, easy, thoughtful, and fun. I walked away better understanding myself, feeling more confident in who I am meant to be, and with exercises to take the insights even further. Whether you know tons about astrology or are a complete beginner, I highly recommend working with Gwen. You won't regret it! 🌹

Listen to Hannah's reading takeaways in her podcast, Unforgetting

Hannah M., NH

Gwen was really helpful in guiding me to understand myself better. And she was very on point with some of the issues and things that were happening in my life and from there, I am able to navigate and handle them better in the future. Truly a wonderful experience! Would highly recommend! ⭐️

Sharon C., Malaysia

My conversation with Gwen was so comforting and supportive. She is so easy to talk to – it's like having a chat with an old friend, someone who sees me, holds space for me and validates my experiences, thoughts and feelings. 🥹💗 Thank you Gwen for helping me connect the dots between my life story and my birth chart. I'm so happy I listened to my intuition and booked a reading with you!

Natalie K., Australia

Gwen you are amazing! I learned more about my life purpose and path in one hour with you than I have in 52 years of living it. 🌟🌟🌟 LOL! Seriously, you were able to help me to see why I do the things I do and validate the decisions I've made. I feel as if my life is now pointing in a whole new level of spiritual direction. Thank you! 💋

Amy C., VA

Coming back after the first amazing reading with Gwen, I did not know how things would go, but everything turned out to be perfect and aligned. Gwen reminded me of myself, she showed me "me" through her interpretation of my chart and left me feeling encouraged and inspired to be my true self. Embrace all that I am and all that I have, and know that once I show up for myself, put myself out there, the right people, the right community will come to me as well. The whole experience was wonderful, informative, and inspiring as all the dots were connected. The things that I experience, my values in life, my tendencies, and my lessions can be understood through studying my chart. Thank you, Gwen, for your work, for being yourself, for having the courage to show up, and for reminding me of my beautiful divine self 💛💛💛

Ngoc Q., San Jose

Gwen has this gift of seeing YOU for who you are, gently guiding you to find clarity on your journey of self discovery 🥹 Allow yourself to indulge in her work and words (they're almost like poetry!), and experience the gift of feeling seen and validated 💫 Such beautiful magic!

Bella, Malaysia

I love Gwen's style of reading. The time to breathe and connect in the beginning was a surprise and exactly what I needed. The dates she pointed out as significant in my life were extremely accurate and I was able to see how the astrology connects so significantly to my past experiences. 🥹 Having a reading with Gwen feels like you're talking with a friend. She is welcoming and gentle, but also a very direct and accurate intuitive. If you want to understand your natal chart, your gifts, and your challenges I highly recommend booking with Gwen!

Sheryl W., MA

Gwen is a stellar astrologer! 🌟 Before the reading, I was nervous and asked her if I can ask many questions in the session. She didn't say no, but she did encourage me to come in with an open mind and trust the process. I'm SO GLAD I did, because although I'm a self-taught, self-learning, astro student, there were a lot of things today that I learned which I didn't know or understand deeply earlier. She set the tone, she set the space, she started with a breathing exercise, and then ensured my heart was really in it during the session 🥹 She asked me about my experiences and validated everything I said by using astrology as evidence. She was patient, kind, encouraging, and being the absolute truth teller. I'm so glad I received this gift from Gwen on my 30th birthday. I'm so so grateful, and I 100% recommend her to everyone! Thank you, Gwen 💓

Sowmya S., India

Wow! What a wonderful experience! 😍 Gwen made my natal chart easy to understand, walked me through significant moments in time (past and upcoming), showed me the inner conflict I have been feeling was reflected right in the chart (huge!), and provided me with some practical take-a-ways I could implement right away to ease that struggle. 10/10 a lovely experience, highly recommend. She is fun, wise, and compassionate (can’t wait for my next session with her) 🥰

Tiff F., Utah

Gwen is so intuitive and thorough in her interpretation of astrology. She did a mini reading for me and one for my son. Not only is she an absolute pleasure to talk to, with such a kind, humble and fun energy but she also delivers her messaging in a way that is easy to understand. This is the first person I have gotten a reading from where I walked away with clarity and practical actions steps rather than confusion. 🌟 She is a natural and I highly recommend her :) so excited to see where astrology takes her!

Nikki L., Colorado

Thank you so much, Gwen (my Big 3 twin!!) for giving me such a beautiful and fun reading. Gwen’s energy is infectious, light, and full of care and compassion. I felt like we could talk for hours about charts and the affects of different placements or transits. The story of my life became more clear and self-compassionate thanks to my chart reading! I’m so grateful and happy to know Gwen!! 💓

Julia B., Chicago

I loved my natal chart reading with Gwen! I've gotten many chart readings before, but this was unique in several ways. She started off with a grounding exercise to get settled in. She also brought up several important dates around significant transits, and through recalling them I saw the themes from my natal chart across my lifetime and how much I've grown, which gave me confidence in myself. She also makes the reading super practical by highlighting themes to work on and how, and allowing me to make the choice of what's most important for me to work on. She was so kind, calming and insightful and it was a lot of fun! Highly recommend. 💓

Heddy N., Los Angeles

I’m so thankful for having the chance to get a reading from you, Gwen! I love it ❤️ Our conversation was BEAUTIFUL✨ Gwen is an amazing, knowledgeable, and insightful astrologer. EVERYTHING she told me was so ON POINT, accurate, and I enjoyed the reading so so much! I also loved how Gwen operated and made the reading into a conversation. Instead of her just talking about my chart, we engaged and joined together to dive deeply into my chart, using astrology to make sense of my own experience. The energy of the reading was beautiful and aligned. 🥹 Not only that, but she also made me feel seen, understood, and validated. It felt so good to be seen for who I truly am. She also helped me to shift my perspective into viewing whatever I have in my birth chart as gifts, and not curses. There are challenges for sure, but they are also potential and different energies for me to tap into and embody, and by doing that, I can understand myself more deeply. She helped me gain a lot of clarity on what I need to do now, which is something I desperately need in the current moment. There were so many great things about our session that I can keep talking about it! But I’ll stop now, otherwise it’d be too long 🤣🤣🤣. Thank you thank you thank you Gwen for the reading and I’m so excited to meet you again in the future to continue on where we left off! ✨❤️✨

Ngoc Q., San Jose

Gwen is an absolutely radiant being! You can really feel the passion behind her heart & she’s so knowledgeable and well spoken. 🤩 She made me feel so comfortable sharing & the reading brought me a few much needed epiphanies and pieces of clarity. I am so grateful we crossed paths and I will be booking more readings with Gwen! Can’t wait for the next one 🙌

Carly Pearce, Ontario

Gwen has really made astrology reading a practical tool! Through her reading, she managed to identify the tension that I am currrently facing in this season of my life. I have always been aware of it but not able to put it into words. She did it with so much gentleness and compassion. Thank you Gwen Yi <3

Rocyie W., Malaysia

Gwen has such a positive and genuine energy - I was sharing my insecurities and trauma, but it didn’t feel weird. She explained my chart in such an easy to understand way. Thank you Gwen!

JM, Malaysia

My session with Gwen was full of insight to parts of myself of which I only ever had a fuzzy view of. As Gwen spoke, it was as if a light was shone onto the dusty corners of myself and I had quite a few tears because I felt so seen and validated. 💧 After her reading I felt so empowered to go out there and be more unabashedly my authentic self. Her energy was bright, warm and welcoming and I'm so glad she was my first reader and for the guidance she gave.

Azureen A., Malaysia

Had a great time connecting with Gwen and learning more about myself and my journey. It's comforting to learn how I wasn't "making a big deal" out of my past hardships, but in fact, I was just growing through the path set by the universe. Gwen always finds a way to make me view things in a more constructive light, and she also provides the tools and resources needed to cope with any challenges coming my way. Thank you, Gwen, for the lovely evening :)

XH, Malaysia

Thank you for such an amazing session Gwen!!! I can’t wait to share with others about all the new things I learnt today. Now I can sound like I  know what I’m talking about when I bring up my big 3 😍

Raegel C., United Kingdom

Love your session! 🌹 Super kind person who is willing to serve humanity.  May you flourish & blossom at all times <3 <3

Charlene K., Malaysia

Gwen is walking on the path of her calling. And this type of souls are rare to meet. Thank you Gwen for always showing me that I am enough, that I am not broken, and most importantly, to be a friend that I can be my true self with. Love you!

Josh K., Malaysia

This was my first time having a reading with Gwen, and she did not disappoint! Even though we have not met and shared brief DM's, she was able to accurately see who I was through my chart and explain things so well where I easily understood. Coming in to this, I had a nervous interpretation of what a chart reading would be, but she made things so comfortable and smooth, like I was video calling a friend to chat and catch up! 😃 She's an amazing reader and helped me understand where I needed balance in my life and explained the aspects of my chart easily -- it truly felt like a therapy session with the stars!  🌟🌟  I walked away feeling grateful and motivated, thank you Gwen!

Caroline O., Los Angeles

Always a joy talking to Gwen! She's like a warm blanket, a hot mug of cocoa, and a bowl of ice-cream altogether at once ❤️ Thank you Gwen for teaching and leading me on my journey of empathy and mindfulness the past three years; to now a whole new level of self discovery and spiritual connections 🤩

Angie A., Brunei

I learned so much from this session with Gwen! I came with an open mind and a lot of curiosity. The only thing I knew about astrology were the horoscope readings on newspapers. Gwen helped me understand what astrology is really about, and I see a lot of value in it. 💥 I am now able to observe the patterns in my behaviour and tendencies, and understand why my soul craves for certain things. A good experience to have for self discovery and introspection! 🫶

Nat T., Malaysia

It was a pleasure to check in with Gwen and the stars. Knowing that I'm living out my birth chart gave me comfort and hope. 💗 Thank you Gwen for being the vessel of validation and the vessel for permission for me to fully embrace who I am meant to be.

Cellini B., Malaysia

Gwen is the most intuitive astrologer I’ve ever known. She is a rarity. 🥹 My reading with her was one of the most eye opening experiences. I feel as though she was plucked from the cosmos and sent to Earth to help us find ourselves through the stars. Hearing her lay out specific parts of the past 8 years brought me to tears. Thank you for helping me see that I was always on the right path. Thank you for your wisdom & insight that growth is never over. Thank you for helping me better understand myself through harnessing elemental balance. Like a fairy godmother, Gwen helped bring closure to my Saturn Return. 🌌🪐

Kristen C., Nashville

I had such a lovely session with Gwen! 🌱 She walked me through the important elements of my birth chart and really helped me understand more about myself. It all made so much sense! Gwen has a beautiful energy and is very skilled at what she does. I look forward to working with her again! 💗

Carole D., NJ

Gwen's reading style is not at all something I had experienced before. As someone who has been studying astrology for over a decade, I've come across and interacted with plenty of interpretation, communication, and reading styles. So when I say that the experience Gwen creates is truly unique to her, and reflects so clearly the care, consideration, and compassionate relationship she has with astrology, it is meant and something you will easily see in not only her readings, but also in the online space she creates and nurtures on Instagram and Substack 🌸 Even after giving and receiving hundreds of readings, the fresh perspective and unique interpretation of my chart that Gwen provided is immeasurable in value. This was a reading that I will cherish for years due to her caring and mindful approach to astrology. She has such a wonderful pace and provides moments of pausing, reflecting, holding safe spaces to work through moments of blessing or hurt, and really makes it such an intentional and meditative experience. I cannot recommend booking a reading with Gwen enough, and cannot wait to see her personal style transform and shine brighter in years to come! 🖤✨

Ollie A., Texas

It was lovely connecting with Gwen, a fellow Malaysian, and her presence was really soothing and joyful. I felt so heard and validated and really appreciated her gentle words of wisdom and encouragement. Really helpful not only in understanding my chart, but also recognising me for me! PEACE <3

Sophie C., UK

Gwen is a true dream. It was like I was floating in a cosmic cloud with everything she was affirming for me in this reading. ☁️ I felt so nourished in her way of navigating me into parts that are relative and resonant for me at this time in my life. I feel invigorated and reconnected to my heart just by being in her virtual vicinity. Thank you for your love and warm embrace, Gwen. The exhales in my cells are vibrating with the most potent astro medicine. 💫

Sierra M., CA

My second astrological reading with Gwen did not disappoint! Thank you for taking a deeper dive to guide me through more complex questions. She enabled another nuance and layer of meaning to understanding the stars. I talked about the pervading Lilith energy & Gwen pointed out her prominent appearance in my chart. It sent chills down my spine! Beautiful energy from a beautiful reader 😍

Chi C., Australia

I spotted the shining star that Gwen is in a Witchy Kid class and was so inspired to have a reading with her. Gwen was exceptionally talented, empathetic and present during the call. It felt like a deep conversation that was also fun and nourishing. I loved her humility, warmth and heart. I feel so equipped to be who I am! 🥹💫

Chi C., Australia

A reading with Gwen is filled with joy. She shares her insights with such delight that you cannot help but feel uplifted by the magic and mystery she reveals in your astrological chart. 🔮 Yet Gwen is practical in her reading too, anchoring her revelations in action and examples. She is warm and caring in her approach, genuinely inspiring and wishing only the best for those who seek her wisdom.  🪄

Caitlin, Australia

It was amazing to speak with Gwen, she's so warm and friendly. She has this beautiful energy that puts you at ease and she explains things so well that it doesn't matter how minimal your astrology knowledge is, she will make sure you leave the meeting really empowered. 💓 I loved my reading and will definitely book more in the future! :)

Justyna A., UK

I had a natal chart reading with Gwen, and I was beaming with happiness afterwards. 🤩 Gwen explained everything in a really easy to understand way and she is very practical, relating everything to real life which allows for the information to make more sense. I felt really comfortable talking to Gwen, she is so friendly and approachable, and it's totally evident how much she loves her work. I was so happy as I got my confirmation to carry on doing what I am drawn to and what feels right, as it's actually living out my purpose and my chart. I could listen to Gwen for hours, and indeed I shall be coming back for more interesting nuggets to find out from the stars. Thank you! 🥰

Netta G., UK

Treated myself to a birthday natal chart reading (my first!) and I am so glad I did! Entered with no expectations, and left with a whole mindset shift on how my gifts can heal me and why I have struggled to grasp my Cancer side. 🥹 I felt validated and wanted to keep talking all night, kind of like that first time you have a crush and get all those butterflies. She literally pinpointed two monumental dates in my personal life and quoted mantras I regularly use from across the globe without knowing or speaking to me previously. Info was broken down in ways that were meaningful and easy to understand, and shared in a summary to reflect on after. I am super curious now to do a reading for my child and partner's charts too, so I can learn more about what they arrived with in this lifetime. Gwen, I have a crush on you! Keep leaning into these divine gifts. 💋

Laura B., Ontario

Gwen is so endearing and compassionate! Connecting with her was an absolute pleasure, and our lovely interactions made me feel like I was talking to a dear friend 💖 I will always cherish the way Gwen harmoniously connected things about my chart, indeed about me in such a loving and inviting manner that not only let me tell my story beyond the chart, but also opened up my eyes to see myself with honesty and compassion. What a gift you have bestowed upon me, Gwen! Thank you for the reminder to breathe, listen to music, and follow my playful and curious North Star 🌟

Saronya C., India

I was a bit anxious, first time having my birth chart read. Gwen made me feel at ease right away, she was the sweetest and always very clear. All that she said resonated to me in a deep personal level! 💓 I understand better my struggles, and I’m ready to work on it! I like that I have a little “homework” to do 😆 Thank you Gwen very much!!!

Marisa S., Portugal

Gwen brings Astrology down to earth! I love how practical the reading was – I felt a deeper understanding of my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs both in terms of their basic qualities and how each sign is showing up in my life right now. Gwen also left me with some "homework" – a baby step towards leaning into my strengths and softening some tough points in my chart. Her kindness and compassion shines throughout the reading, and it's evident that she has a deep knowledge and understanding of Astrology. I would highly recommend a reading with Gwen!

Bri W., Ontario

Had an amazing first reading with Gwen! Conducting intimate conversations like this is truly her calling -- she's warm, patient and softly affirms what I'm feeling without any judgment whatsoever. I found the session struck a chord in me as a lot of what she was saying spoke to me on a level of depth I just hadn't considered before. It felt like a long overdue catch up with some divine intervention! 🥹

Cindy L., Malaysia

Gwen always makes me feel welcome and comfortable around her. Just when I thought astrology & birth chart reading are some serious topic, she made it like having a conversation with a friend 😀 one notable thing was, even though we've known each other for many years, she didn't read the chart based on what she knows about me. Instead, when she saw my rising Scorpio sign she even said: "I don't think you might relate to this, but since your chart says so, imma still read it for you." In the end I was in awe, because all these while I thought I am a Sagittarius rising, but I resonated a lot more with the Scorpio rising — and that was the part I rarely show people to the point I almost forgotten that it is a natural part of myself. I thank her for her professionalism, not being biased to what she thinks she knows, and humble enough to trust the chart. Gwen, I thank you for letting the stars pave the road and allow you to communicate such meaning to me. 💕 I'm glad it was you.

Zoey C., Malaysia

Gwen is a joyful, thoughtful person. She tries her best to explain & link everything. It's also pretty crazy how some things are really accurate and I feel like I suddenly remembered some parts of me that I have forgotten. Through the talk I also understood various things about me that made me be kinder to myself for it's just part & parcel of who I am. For that alone, I am really thankful. Also, just wanna say Gwen has a really bubbly infectious laughter that makes the whole vibe really nice and thank you for holding space when needed :)

Estee G., Malaysia

Having just known about astrology through newspaper horoscopes and IG posts, I went into the session very intrigued and open-minded. I really enjoyed the session with Gwen, and appreciated that it was flexibly structured in a way that allows for a two-way conversation. She was also very nice and affirming, I think the biggest takeaway for me would be a deeper understanding and affirmation of my character and desires. If you're interested in self-discovery, I'd say give it go!

Charmaine W., London

The biggest thing I learned from my reading with Gwen was to honor what my soul was aching for. When I had my reading with her, I felt lost, restless, not myself, and was aching to feel free. She validated the fact that I NEEDED a sense of adventure/travel. She gave me the push I needed to honor what my soul had been asking for. And I’m so glad that I did because while it was difficult in the moment, I’m already starting to see the ripple effects of my life transforming just by taking that step to honor my soul and go travel somewhere. It is very apparent that Gwen truly LOVES what she does and truly cares about her clients. Thank you Gwen, I’m so grateful for you! Also, shoutout for representing us Asian women! 😉💫🪐❤️

Janice S., California

Gwen!! It was such a pleasure speaking with you and listening to everything you had to say about my chart. I learned so much!! 💕

Margaret K., New Jersey

Gwen is such a great person on and offline. She gets you what you need to know, like it or not, she will just say it in your face as it is (of course with grace and love) ha ha ha! Her readings are very accurate, and she makes you feel as if you have found yourself & know what steps to take next in your own life. How to feel, how to take charge and most importantly; to believe in yourself. Thank you Gwen for the wonderful reading. You have given me a new eye, a new channel to walk my life's future. Loving you lots &  sending you lots of beautiful blessings <3

Felicia Y., Malaysia

Genuinely had such a wonderful time listening to Gwen! She’s such a knowledgeable  and thoughtful person, and definitely helped me understand myself  better. I am so happy that I was able to see myself from a different perspective through our session together. I have a better understanding of the things I need to do to actively focus on myself and improve. Thank you 💗 It truly was an amazing experience!!

Anna T., Malaysia

This is the best gift for myself this year 😍 I realized I am on the right path, chasing after my dreams & fulfilling my life's purpose. Gwen's reading resonated so well, it helped me gain confidence to continue walking my path. Gwen is very passionate in her work, and having an amazing intuition and creativity, she is able to provide different and out of the box comments / suggestions. I am glad my friend introduced me to this passionate astrologer! Highly recommend!

Ron T., Malaysia

Conversations with Gwen always leave me with a sense of clarity and a feeling of lightness! 🌟 She makes you feel heard, and she provides insight in such an empathetic & nurturing way. You’ve just added so much light and love to my day. Love you Gwen!!

Hyewon R., South Korea

It was a joy talking to Gwen! It was easy to grasp what she was trying to convey. She not only provided me guidance on who I am, but also how I can improve and move forward to change my life for the better. 💓

Sim K., Malaysia

I've had birth chart reports done online, and they didn't come with a consultation on how to go about understanding them. With Gwen, I felt I got valuable one-on-one coaching on what my birth chart means. She helped me understand myself on a much deeper level, and gave me valuable insights on what may lie ahead for me. Thank you Gwen for being my chart navigator and for handing me the coordinates of my path travelled, and paths yet to come!  🥹🛤💫

Nitaya P., Brunei

Gwen made me feel at ease right away. Her ability to converse and connect with me, while making things easy to understand, was so special. I genuinely love how she’s so passionate about astrology and helping people make sense of it! My session with her was incredible and insightful, and I learnt a lot about myself. 10/10 would recommend 🥹💯

Ann-Marie K., Malaysia

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