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Client Testimonials

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Gwen is an absolutely radiant being! You can really feel the passion behind her heart & she’s so knowledgeable and well spoken. 🤩 She made me feel so comfortable sharing & the reading brought me a few much needed epiphanies and pieces of clarity. I am so grateful we crossed paths and I will be booking more readings with Gwen! Can’t wait for the next one 🙌

Carly Pearce, Ontario

Gwen has really made astrology reading a practical tool! Through her reading, she managed to identify the tension that I am currrently facing in this season of my life. I have always been aware of it but not able to put it into words. She did it with so much gentleness and compassion. Thank you Gwen Yi <3

Rocyie W., Malaysia

Gwen has such a positive and genuine energy - I was sharing my insecurities and trauma but it didn’t feel weird. She explained my charts in such an easy to understand way. Thank you Gwen!

JM, Malaysia

My session with Gwen was full of insight to parts of myself of which I only ever had a fuzzy view of. As Gwen spoke, it was as if a light was shone onto the dusty corners of myself and I had quite a few tears because I felt so seen and validated. After her reading I felt so empowered to go out there and be more unabashedly my authentic self. Her energy was bright, warm and welcoming and I'm so glad she was my first reader and for the guidance she gave.

Azureen A., Malaysia

Had a great time connecting with Gwen and learning more about myself and my journey. It's comforting to learn how I wasn't "making a big deal" out of my past hardships, but in fact, I was just growing through the path set by the universe. Gwen always finds a way to make me view things in a more constructive light, and she also provides the tools and resources needed to cope with any challenges coming my way. Thank you, Gwen, for the lovely evening :)

XH, Malaysia

Thank you for such an amazing session Gwen!!! I can’t wait to share with  others about all the new things I learnt today. Now I can sound like I  know what I’m talking about when I bring up my big 3 😍 Staying tuned for your new website, I will be sharing it!!

Raegel C., United Kingdom

Love  your session! 🌹 Super kind person who is willing to serve humanity.  May you flourish & blossom at all times <3 <3

Charlene K., Malaysia

Gwen is walking on the path of her calling. And this type of souls are rare to meet. Thank you Gwen for always showing me that I am enough, that I am not broken, and most importantly, to be a friend that I can be my true self with. Love you!

Josh K., Malaysia

This was my first time having a reading with Gwen, and she did not disappoint! Even  though we have not met and shared brief DM's, she was able to  accurately see who I was through my chart and explain things so well  where I easily understood. Coming in to this, I had a nervous interpretation of what a chart reading would be, but she made things so comfortable and smooth, like I was video calling a friend to chat and catch up!  😃  She's  an amazing reader and helped me understand where I needed balance in my  life and explained the aspects of my chart easily -- it truly felt like a therapy session with the stars!  🌟🌟  I walked away feeling grateful and motivated, thank you Gwen!

Caroline O., Los Angeles

Always a joy talking to Gwen! She's like a warm blanket, a hot mug of cocoa, and a bowl of ice-cream altogether at once ❤️ Thank you Gwen for teaching and leading me on my journey of empathy and  mindfulness the past three years; to now a whole new level of self  discovery and spiritual connections 🤩

Angie A., Brunei

I  learned so much from this session with Gwen! I came with an open mind  and a lot of curiosity. The only thing I knew about astrology were the  horoscope readings on newspapers. Gwen helped me understand what astrology is really about, and I see a lot of value in it.  💥 I am now able to observe the patterns in my behaviour and  tendencies, and understand why my soul craves for certain things. A good  experience to have for self discovery and introspection! 🫶

Nat T., Malaysia

It was a pleasure to check in with Gwen and the stars. Knowing that I'm living out my birth chart gave me comfort and hope. ☁️ Thank you Gwen for being the vessel of validation and the vessel for permission for me to fully embrace who I am meant to be.

Cellini B., Malaysia

Gwen always makes me feel welcome and comfortable around her. Just when I thought astrology & birth chart reading are some serious topic, she made it like having a conversation with a friend 😀 one notable thing was, even though we've known each other for many years, she didn't read the chart based on what she knows about me. Instead, when she saw my rising Scorpio sign she even said: "I don't think you might relate to this, but since your chart says so, imma still read it for you." In the end I was in awe, because all these while I thought I am a Sagittarius rising, but I resonated a lot more with the Scorpio rising — and that was the part I rarely show people to the point I almost forgotten that it is a natural part of myself. I thank her for her professionalism, not being biased to what she thinks she knows, and humble enough to trust the chart. Gwen, I thank you for letting the stars pave the road and allow you to communicate such meaning to me. 💕 I'm glad it was you.

Zoey C., Malaysia

Gwen is a joyful, thoughtful person. She tries her best to explain & link everything. It's also pretty crazy how some things are really accurate and I feel like I suddenly remembered some parts of me that I have forgotten. Through the talk I also understood various things about me that made me be kinder to myself for it's just part & parcel of who I am. For that alone, I am really thankful. Also, just wanna say Gwen has a really bubbly infectious laughter that makes the whole vibe really nice and thank you for holding space when needed :)

Estee G., Malaysia

Having just known about astrology through newspaper horoscopes and IG posts, I went into the session very intrigued and open-minded. I really enjoyed the session with Gwen, and appreciated that it was flexibly structured in a way that allows for a two-way conversation. She was also very nice and affirming, I think the biggest takeaway for me would be a deeper understanding and affirmation of my character and desires. If you're interested in self-discovery, I'd say give it go!

Charmaine W., London

The biggest thing I learned from my reading with Gwen was to honor what my soul was aching for. When I had my reading with her, I felt lost, restless, not myself, and was aching to feel free. She validated the fact that I NEEDED a sense of adventure/travel. She gave me the push I needed to honor what my soul had been asking for. And I’m so glad that I did because while it was difficult in the moment, I’m already starting to see the ripple effects of my life transforming just by taking that step to honor my soul and go travel somewhere. It is very apparent that Gwen truly LOVES what she does and truly cares about her clients. Thank you Gwen, I’m so grateful for you! Also, shoutout for representing us Asian women! 😉💫🪐❤️

Janice S., California

Gwen!! It was such a pleasure speaking with you and listening to everything you had to say about my chart. I learned so much!! 💕

Margaret K., New Jersey

Gwen is such a great person on and offline.  She gets you what you need to know, like it or not, she will just say  it in your face as it is ( of course with grace and love ) ha ha ha! Her  readings are very accurate, and she makes you feel as if you have found yourself & know what steps to take next in your own life.  How to feel, how to take charge and most importantly; to believe in  yourself. Thank you Gwen for the wonderful reading. You have given me a  new eye, a new channel to walk my life's future. Loving you lots &  sending you lots of beautiful blessings <3

Felicia Y., Malaysia

Genuinely  had such a wonderful time listening to Gwen! She’s such a knowledgeable  and thoughtful person, and definitely helped me understand myself  better. I am so happy that I was able to see myself from a different perspective through our session together. I have a better understanding of the things I need to do to actively focus on myself and improve. Thank you 💗 It truly was an amazing experience!!

Anna T., Malaysia

This is the best gift for myself this year 😍  I realized I am on the right path, chasing after my dreams &  fulfilling my life's purpose. Gwen's reading resonated so well, it  helped me gain confidence to continue walking my path. Gwen is very passionate in her work,  and having an amazing intuition and creativity, she is able to provide  different and out of the box comments / suggestions. I am glad my friend  introduced me to this passionate astrologer! Highly recommend!

Ron T., Malaysia

Conversations with Gwen always leave me with a sense of clarity and a feeling of lightness! 🌟 She makes you feel heard, and she provides insight in such an empathetic & nurturing way. You’ve just added so much light and love to my day. Love you Gwen!!

Hyewon R., South Korea

It  was a joy talking to Gwen! It was easy to grasp what she was trying to  convey. She not only provided me guidance on who I am but also how I can  improve and move forward to change my life for the better. 💓

Sim K., Malaysia

I've had birth chart reports done online, and they didn't come with a consultation on how to go about understanding them. With Gwen, I felt I got valuable one-on-one coaching on what my birth chart means. She helped me understand myself on a much deeper level, and gave me valuable insights on what may lie ahead for me. Thank you Gwen for being my chart navigator and for handing me the coordinates of my path travelled, and paths yet to come!  🛤💫

Nitaya P., Brunei

Gwen made me feel at ease right away. Her ability to converse and connect with me, while making things easy to understand, was so special. I genuinely love how she’s so passionate about astrology and helping people make sense of it! My session with her was incredible and insightful, and I learnt a lot about myself. 10/10 would recommend 🥹💯

Ann-Marie K., Malaysia

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