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Gwen, right now

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📍  I just moved! My second home with Shawn in two years. It's right next to a forest reserve, so I rise to birdsong and fall asleep with cicadas. It's the perfect place to ground, center, and build my new spiritual business.

👩🏻‍💻  I've been on sabbatical from Tribeless, the company I co-founded with my partner Shawn, since November 2022. Last year, I went through some big identity shake-ups, and discovered my truest soul calling of Astrology. It's been a wild ride. Follow my journey at @theasianastrologer

✍🏼  The one habit I want to build in 2023 is waking up early and writing first thing in the morning. I just launched a paid Substack newsletter and I've been having SO much fun! Join me 🤩

🌻  Last July, I completed a 100-day challenge, also by TIJ: creating one tiny beautiful thing every day, for a hundred days. I learned so much about art, artistry, and living a creative life. I am especially proud of my capstone video. Watch it here

🪐  In September, I enrolled in Applied Astrology, a professional astrology school by celebrity astrologer Debra Silverman. I graduated from Level 2 in November, and started my official practice in December.

My goal is to do 100 readings by the end of 2023.


You can learn more about my Astrology journey, and book a reading, here!

🧘‍♀️  My secret dream project in 2023 is to host a creative healing retreat for women. Just putting it out there. #MANIFEST  💫

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What about you? What's life been like for you? 


Write me with your /now page or life updates. I always love hearing from you –– friends and strangers alike!

Here's to 2023. May it be our best year yet.



\  Love, Gwen

∴  Updated May 8, 2023.

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